Collected Texts

An archive of historical and contemporary texts from other writers and groups that have influenced us.


Kurdistan? Gilles Dauvé & T.L. Feburary 2015

To be or not to be isn’t the question – R.S., January 2015

Inextinguishable Fire: Ferguson and beyond – R.L., November 2014

Where are we in the crisis? – Théorie Communiste, April 2014

Fires That Have Burned As Long As We Can Remember – NPC, April 2014

Maidan and its contradictions – interview with a Ukrainian revolutionary syndicalist – Přátelé komunizace, February 2014

The Gendered Circuit: Reading the Arcane of Reproduction – Maya Gonzalez, September 2013

Towards a Critique of the Democratic Form – Internationalist Perspective, April 2013

Internationalist Perspective and the Tradition of the Communist Left, Winter 2012 Internationalist Perspective

The Gender Rift in Communisation – P. Valentine, July 2012

The Economy of Abolition/Abolition of the Economy – Marina Vishmidt, Winter 2011

An open letter to those who condemn looting (part 1) and (part 2) – Evan Calder Williams, August 2011

Crisis activity and communisation – Bruno Astarian, June 2010


We Demand Nothing – Johann Kaspar, 2009

A critique of Anselm Jappe’s essay “Who is to blame?” – Roland Simon, 2009

Crisis, Constitution, and Capital – Chris Wright, February 2006

Self-organisation is the first act of the revolution; it then becomes an obstacle to be overcome – Théorie Communiste, September 2005

Critical Foundations for a Theory of the Revolution (fragments in English) – Roland Simon, September 2001


Decadence – Aufheben, Summer 1993


The bitter victory of council communism – Gilles Dauvé, 1974, updated 2014

The Refusal of Work – Echanges et Mouvements, 1979

A World Without Money: Communism – Les Amies de 4 Millions de Jeunes Travailleurs, 1976

Revolutionary Theory for Beginners: Pure & Applied – Nadine Bloch, 1976

Theory of Crisis and the Problem of Constitution – Giacomo Marramao, Winter 1975-6

Eclipse and re-emergence of the communist movement – Gilles Dauvé and François Martin, 1974

Lip and the self-managed counter-revolution– Négation, 1973

Militancy – highest stage of alienation – Jeunes Travailleurs Révolutionnaires, 1972


On Organisation – Jacques Camatte, 1969