A Common Statement on the ‘Wolandgate’

A Common Statement on the ‘Wolandgate’

A basic strand of communisation theory is a radical opposition to the capitalist state in all its incarnations, and to governments of all stripes.

Sic has thus nothing to do with government officials.

A participant in Sic, who had been inactive within the project for approximately a year, recently decided to join a party playing the card of left-keynesianism in 2015, and became a high-ranking cadre in the new Syriza administration in Greece.

The decision was taken to remove him from the Sic e-mail list, formally ending his association with the project. But it should go without saying that, with his political trajectory, his membership in the project was already de facto impossible.

Those participating in Sic are partisans of communisation; they share the understanding of the revolution as communisation – i.e. as the dissolution of capitalist social relations and the state.

To posit this theory as somehow inducing its opposite is a breathtaking feat of dialectical ‘delinquence’. But as we know, anything you publish on the Internet can, and will, be used against you in evidence…

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